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Best Burger Franchise

Slab Burgers is seeking qualified partners to promo the brand throughout Great Toronto Area.

Why Slab Burgers?

Slab Burgers is a classic burger joint offering unique menu, automatic operations, simple labor force and the most cost efficient budget to build your store.  We proud to say your cost of build is almost no mark up  compare to other brands asking top dollars.

We offer one of the kind franchise system will suite your life style and financial meet.

Best Franchise
Best Burger Franchise

Seamless Operation?

We aim to use technology to enhanced and simplify all tasks. Our inhouse system featuring auto counting inventory, data reentry all orders, auto reordering feature avoid numerous human mistakes and our online ordering app integrate to our system seamlessly, you will enjoy the hard work we  build to reduce  your labor cost and eliminate human mistakes in your operations which means higher quality service to customers.

SUPPORT we provide PRIOR opening

  • Site Analysis & Selection

  • Lease Negotiation

  • Business Registration

  • Theory & Practical training

  • Complete Supplier Setup

  • Local Marketing Planning

  • Auto System Setup

  • Digital Menu Setup

  • Signage Setup

  • Ensure Construction on Track

OnGoing SUPPORT and commitment

  • Assist & support on increasing sales and lead on local market

  • Support & FREE update on auto ordering system

  • Support & FREE update on digital menu

  • Provide FREE retraining sessions

  • Assist on local marketing

  • Support & assist on labour management

  • Support & assist on quality control management

Best Burger Franchise
Best Burger Franchise

Our auto ordering system include the following features


Best Burger Franchise
  • Speedy Selfserver Kiosk Feature

  • Auto Inventory Reordering Feature

  • All Employee Activities Are Tracked In Your Hand

  • Inhouse Seamless Integration to Multiples 3rd Parties Platform

  • Custom System Call Remind Your Employee Work Order Routine

  • Digital Program Train Your Employee Learn A to Z

  • Custom In House Employee Scheduling System with SMS/Voice Call Feature

How much cash I need?

$70,000.00 CAD unencumbered capital to start but it vary from location to location, please see the chart below for further detail.

How much does it cost to open a Slab?

Different locations have different setup cost. Chart + (Below FAQ) Please note that the startup costs for a Slab Burgers restaurant are unique to each location and are not always dictated by restaurants size. For example, your location may have low rent deposit and high equipment costs or you may have high construction costs but low signage costs. More detailed.

Low ($)Mid ($)High ($)
Franchise fee20,00020,00020,000
Promotion & Advertising6,0006,0006,000
Initial rent, security deposit & insurance4,5009,00018,000
Leaseholds improvements, equipments & others86,000155,000209,000
Signage, menu & others8,10011,50014,800
Opening inventory2,0003,0004,000
POS & others office equipments10,00010,00011,700
Traveling and other expenses related to initial training5001,5002,500
Licenses, legal and accounting fees2,5003,5004,500
Working capitalVariesVariesVaries
TOTAL ESTIMATE START-UP COST127,800210,700282,500


  • The capital investment required to set up a Slab Burgers varies by location, landlord design criteria and contractor pricing in each area. Leaseholder improvements may vary considerably, depending on the previous state of the premises. Because of this, there is no guarantee that your costs will fall within the range shown. This is meant solely as a guideline. Details of your initial costs can be found in your Franchisee Disclosure Document.
  • All applicable taxes, if any, are in addition to the above identified amounts.
Best Burger Franchise


May 2011

Grand Opening!

Day one, we didn’t even have time to plan advertising, but we have line up, what else we want? 🙂

August 2011

May 2012

August 2012

Our Super Aged Beef

Flavor is everything for us, this super aged ground beef is extremely tender, strong earthy and nutty flavor.

July 2013

October 2014

A Whole New Bread

so sad, our baker disappear because the company collapse, we only manage to contact his supervisor, alternatively we use this famous bun. This is the best brand in the city, no doubt!!

August 2017

August 2018

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